Happy Mardi Gras!

Brace yourself: the stage is set for another incredible Apollo.
The ultimate day party to finish your Sydney Mardi Gras 2019 weekend.
Presenting DJs Adam Love, Adam Cox, Ruby and Matt Bachl.
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The magic is in the air. It’s time to strap yourself in, set your jetpacks to full-speed, hold on tight and brace for another unforgettable instalment of Apollo — a celebration like no other.

A Mardi Gras celebration isn’t complete until you’ve tripped the light fantastic and rocketed through the fabulous, fantastical and fanciful world of Apollo.

Get ready for a day like no other as we twist, bend, warp and re-awaken your sense of wonder. It’s a day of delight, surprises, rainbows and magic set inside an extraordinary playground of other-worldly Apollo touches: maximum fun, all-out mischief, hands-in-the-air anthems and ridiculousness.

Get your jetpacks ready… and brace yourself!

When: Sunday 3 March 2019
Where: The Metro Theatre Sydney
Time: 2pm – 10pm
Launch Pad: Adam Love and Adam Cox
Apollo Arena: Ruby and Matt Bachl